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RiverPay Dominates the Health Industry; Partners with Sejovi Dental & Implant Center

RiverPay—the best crypto payment gateway has been making noise since its inception in late 2022. At the moment, several companies are choosing to trust RiverPay, deriving from different industries.  They partner with RiverPay to accept crypto as payment in their businesses.

The latest addition to the roster of businesses that trust RiverPay is Sejovi Dental & Implant Center—a specialized dental clinic offering various dental consultations from the best dentist in Dubai.

Sejovi Dental & Implant Center offers dental services like Diagnosis And Treatment Planning Of Dental Ailments, Dental Rehabilitation With Fixed And Removable Dentures, Dental Veneer Placements, Removable Orthodontic Appliances, Fixed Orthodontic Appliance, and Dental Implants among many others. 

According to Dr. Rashimi Jaiswal, the General Dentist and Implamantologist at Sejovi Dental & Implant Center, she and her team are looking forward to working with RiverPay. 

 After careful consideration, we decided to work with RiverPay because we believe they share the same vision as us—to do what is best for our clients. With their amazing and attentive customer care, we felt like we can truly trust them. The integration of the RiverPay gateway was also fast—we chose the RiverPay mobile app because we know it’ll be the simplest crypto payment gateway that our clients will use with so much ease.”

With this, Sejovi Dental & Implant Center will now allow their customers to pay in cryptocurrency when they visit the dental clinic.

RiverPay Mobile App

RiverPay’s Mobile App is the easiest crypto payment gateway that RiverPay offers. Since it is a mobile app, merchants can simply download RiverPay on their mobile devices and start using the gateway right away.

How To Use Riverpay App And Start Accepting Crypto Payments For Business

  1. Download RiverPay from Playstore.
  2. Registering for a Merchant Account.
  3. Put the customer’s amount to pay.
  4. Put your preferred cryptocurrency to receive.
  5. Allow customers to scan the QR code to pay directly from their app.

Within 2 minutes, merchants can install the app to start accepting crypto payments and in less than a minute, customers can instantly pay in cryptocurrency.

RiverPay also offers another gateway, Web Gateway, wherein merchants use RiverPay’s supported plugins to accept crypto payments in their e-commerce websites and shops.

With Sejovi Dental & Implant Center and RiverPay’s partnership, it’s evident that RiverPay—the best crypto payment gateway is also now leaving its mark in the health industry. 

About Sejovi Dental & Implant Center

Sejovi Dental & Implant Center is a reputable dental clinic in Dubai. Dr. Rashimi Jaiswal, the General Dentist and Implamantologist in the clinic has a Master’s in Oral Implantology from Germany and has 3000+ dental implant placements & over 20+ years of surgical experience.

About RiverPay

RiverPay is the latest addition to Blockchain Commodities’ decentralized projects. RiverPay offers businesses an easy, fast, and secure crypto payment integration setup. Merchants can use this as the payment terminal for crypto users to pay for their purchased items.