January 18, 2023

RiverPay partners With Jacky’s Business Solutions: A success story

RiverPay and Jacky’s Business Solutions have joined forces to leverage Jacky’s robots to showcase RiverPay’s crypto payment gateway and cryptocurrency payment portal. Under the new MoU, RiverPay will showcase its solutions and promote them using Jacky’s robots to the hospitality, F&B and retail sectors.

The partnership will allow both entities to educate the market on how robots and crypto payment gateways could be a widely used technology in the future — a goal that the two parties are aligned with and in synergy with the UAE’s strategy for Metaverse.

Through its partnership with RiverPay, Jacky’s Business Solutions also aims to broaden its sphere of influence in the cryptocurrency sector, exploring the benefit of this new technology and payment gateway for its clients.

Crypto Payment In Everyday Lives

This sort of accomplishment is the ideal illustration of how crypto payment could eventually be used in everyday transactions.

Many online and physical merchants already accept bitcoin payments today using a cryptocurrency payment gateway service. This allows for borderless, inexpensive, and secure global transaction costs and transfers for retailers. Even more so, because the can take advantage of its potential.

That being said, Jacky’s collaboration with RiverPay also represents a bold step for the cryptocurrency industry in this region, ahead of its time—demonstrating that there are no limits to innovation in payments and robotics.

According to Ashish Panjabi, COO of Jacky’s Business Solutions, “As a technology company focused on adding value to our clients, we are always looking at some of the newer technologies to explore its capabilities. While blockchain has been around for some time (as has crypto currencies), Dubai’s focus on the metaverse, gives us the fillip we need to stay informed and explore all the possibilities that the future will bring. This partnership with Blockchain Commodities for promoting RiverPay is a first step in this exploration.”

Yasher Janparvar Javdani, CTO at Blockchain Commodities, software architect of RiverPay, also mentioned,

“We take pride in being one of the world’s retail giant’s partners in this kind of collaboration. As the digital space is growing, our team ensures we captivate the right partners and markets to deliver seamless services to everyone. We aim to make cryptocurrencies and crypto payments accessible to all—enabling a massive blockchain and crypto adoption.”


It makes sense to explore efficient strategies to build your business as the blockchain and cryptocurrency market expands. Retailers and merchants should constantly be informed of the best practices to grow their businesses.

A guaranteed method to do this is to accept cryptocurrency payments—to integrate RiverPay in your stores.

Want to know how to expand your business? Visit www.riverpay.io for additional information.

About Jacky’s Business Solution

Jacky’s Business Solutions LLC, a division of Jacky’s Group, is an end-to-end solutions provider for major corporations seeking efficient and effective visitor management, robotics and printing solutions.

Jacky’s Business Solutions partners with major global brands to provide companies in the GCC and the wider Middle East region the required visitor management solutions, banking products, large format printers, industrial digital presses, 3D Scanners & Printers, enterprise computing solutions.

For more information, visit www.jackys.com/b2b

About River Pay

River Pay is the latest addition to Blockchain Commodities’ decentralized projects. River Pay offers an easy, fast, and secure crypto payment integration setup for businesses. Merchants can use this as the payment terminal for crypto users to pay for their purchased items.