January 4, 2023

Elite Rentals Dubai Integrates RiverPay In Their Luxury Car Rental Services: A Success Story

The world characterizes Dubai in one word: luxury. Dubai, often known as the “City of Gold,” has long been marketed as a haven for luxury goods and products, as well as a lucrative destination for high-net-worth individuals.

Analysts say that the UAE is home to over 70,000 billionaires, who contributed to over 3,300 deals worth more than AED160 billion in the branded properties industry in the first half of 2022.

In retrospect, this, together with other accomplishments and ambitions for the future, show that Dubai is on its path to being number one—even in the crypto hub.

In the luxury and cryptocurrency industry, RiverPay just welcomed Elite Rentals Dubai, a prominent luxury car and yacht rental company.

Elite Rentals Dubai and RiverPay

Elite Rentals Dubai is recognized for its fleet of luxury vehicles and luxury yachts, providing clients with a pleasant experience while driving the greatest cars and yachts on the market.

Because of its partnership with RiverPay, Elite Rentals Dubai may now accept crypto payments from its high-net-worth clientele. This also provides Elite Rentals Dubai with access to a more affluent consumer base from the crypto space.

Elite Rentals Dubai has incorporated the RiverPay crypto payment gateway into its services, allowing luxury automobile rental enthusiasts to pay with crypto directly from their crypto wallets.

With the RiverPay gateway, Elite Rentals Dubai has expanded its market reach, improved sales, cheap transaction costs, secure, safe, and dependable gateways, and rapid transaction processing.

Using RiverPay in your Company

Elite Rentals Dubai is one of the most well-known and well-established firms on RiverPay. It is also a crucial time for our team since it shows that more notable firms recognize RiverPay’s value and benefits to their brands.

This is only the beginning—our team is working relentlessly to connect businesses with the crypto ecosystem and enable them to use the potential of cryptocurrency payments.

To start your journey and to work with the best provider of crypto payment gateway.

About Elite Rentals Dubai

Elite Rentals Dubai is a well-known luxury car and yacht rental company in Dubai, offering the most prestigious fleet of supercars, yachts, and vehicles. Its goal is to give its clients a luxurious driving experience in the most prestigious automobiles and ease of luxury transportation.

About RiverPay

RiverPay is the latest addition to Blockchain Commodities’ decentralized projects. RiverPay offers an easy, fast, and secure crypto payment integration setup for businesses. Merchants can use this as the payment terminal for crypto users to pay for their purchased items.