December 30, 2022

Crypto Billionaires and How they Affect the Crypto Space

Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies, traders have engaged in a significant rise in trading activity in Crypto Space. Businesses are in awe of what the cryptocurrency sector may really give to various industries and the economy as a whole, as a result of the considerable growth it has experienced over the years.

The number of crypto owners is also increasing along with the cryptocurrency market, and some now make millions or even billions of dollars annually as a result. The $2 trillion crypto economy appears to be functioning okay despite all the activity in the field over the past few years, allowing people the chance to increase their income through crypto trading and other activities.

Regarding business people and cryptocurrencies, the cluster of cryptocurrency billionaires merely keeps expanding. Among the wealthiest billionaires in the cryptocurrency industry are:

NameNet worthSource of wealthCitizenship
Changpeng Zhao$65 billionbnb BinanceCanada
Brian Armstrong$6.6 billioncoin CoinbaseU.S
Chris Larsen$4.3 billionxrp RippleU.S
Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss$4 billion eachbtc BitcoinU.S
Song Chi-hyung$3.7 billionupbit UpbitSouth Korea


Source: Forbes

Additionally, the wealthiest cryptocurrency users’ net worth still varies, due to the fluctuation of crypto prices.

Furthermore, even if it is impossible to determine the actual net worth of these billionaires, we can see from the graph below which individuals are most likely to own and hold the greatest number of cryptocurrencies.


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