December 15, 2022

Growing Number of Crypto Payment Gateway Providers: Is It Finally the Rise of Crypto Payments?

As the number of crypto payment gateway providers grows, merchants and customers alike are seeing a glimpse of the future of currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular and even financial institutions are slowly turning to this technology. Though there is still a huge gap between traditional payments and crypto payments, the fast settlement cycles and bringing of new customer segments make it more interesting for consumers.

As merchants see the potential of crypto payments, consumers also opt for this new payment method.

Despite the skepticism about cryptocurrencies, crypto payments for cross-border transactions are currently being adopted by several financial industries across the globe.

Source: Tata Consultancy Services

Because of this increasing crypto payment activity, the number of transactions will continue to expand and rival the existing payment methods. The combination of blockchain technology and other emerging technologies is paving new ways for the financial industry to be more secure, seamless, and safe for all users.

The significant rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption makes a way for new payment methods to arise. In the coming years, more purpose-driven use cases will mature, and more industries and even countries will adapt to the new technology.

With all this said, the question remains—why not pay with cryptocurrency? It is a good question, especially for those who are yet to enter the crypto space.

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